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Earth Strategy.

Connecting Earth’s youth to fight for climate action.

We are a youth-led climate organization committed to the idea that to fight climate change, everyone needs to be on board. Our goal is to foster global connections in the climate movement and reach youth in areas underrepresented in the climate discussion.

Earth Strategy is a fiscally sponsored project of Power Shift Network.


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Earth Strategy Ambassadors

In September 2020, we’re kicking off a program to support international aspiring climate activists and reach youth in underrepresented countries in the climate movement. Ambassadors from 20+ countries will have access to a resource library and be connected to advocates across the world.

Ambassador resource library accessible here.

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Climate Webinars

Our 30-minute webinars have covered topics from the intersection of race and climate to corporate “greenwashing.” We have partnered with other climate organizations to bring these sessions to an international audience.

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Instagram: @earthstrategy